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Monday, August 2, 2010

Photo box

  I went through ebay and most of photo shop online to look for photo box. I kept put it on my watch list and I never get them. I always thinking that I can make that and it should be simple..I wasn't thinking that I can find instruction online. I was thinking "oh god,how silly I am, I must be able to find how to make this simple box online and sure did. I find the instruction below.
How to make inexpensive photo light box                   

 I am happy with the finish product and its only cost less than $10.00 versus $100+


Please don't take my box away

Very sharp knife

Finally I got it right

its amazing

My craft room

OK this is where I created and made my jewelry..yes it is in my basement, for now it is good enough for me.It is very quite and very relaxing. Whenever my son taking his nap this is my gate away for few hours..sometime if I am not making jewelry I just be here and browsing the internet and listened to the music. 



So what you think? not so bed eh!!!. Well o much things to do so little time. I will have to finish all my statement necklaces.